28 February 2009

Turning off the light....

Just do it. Just turn it off if you are not going to be in that room. Who needs it? NO ONE.

19 February 2009

How can YOU help save the coral reefs right here in Madeira Beach?


everyday you make choices.

simple things like walking out of the room and leaving a light on for hours, or the TV or the computer, even though you know you are not going to be in the room or even use or need that stuff and it sits there for hours consuming energy.

more coal needs to be harvested, burned and consumed just for a stupid light that you don't even use, then all of that pollution from burning the coal to supply the electricity, goes out into our atmosphere.......and YOU could have made a difference.

Turn OFF the light

Turn OFF the computer

Turn OFF the TV

Unplug your cell phone charger.....etc, etc, etc.............

18 February 2009

Ocean Trash

Something in Mr. V's blog from the Bahamas reminded me of a story I had once read about ocean trash. Mr Voskuil stated that he had found plastic bottles from three continents. I thought, how could that be? How could trash from another continent end up on an island where no one really lives? I remembered the story had something to do with RUBBER DUCKS and OCEAN CURRENTS.

I found the info, so here it is...On the 10th of January 1992 approximately 29,000 rubber ducks fell off of a cargo ship in a container somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It takes about ten months for the ducks to start landing on the shore of Alaska. More and more started showing up on beachers around the world, even years later. The guy pictured below has done an extensive study on what exactly happened. Please go to his website and read more -


Dean Orbison with turtles, ducks, beavers, and frogs. After
12 years adrift, the frogs and turtles remained true-blue to their original
colors (green and blue, respectively), whereas the ducks and beavers faded from
yellow and red to white, respectively. Dorothy Orbison photo